Wednesday Words of Wisdom


Hi! So I know I’m seriously slacking with blogging at the moment.. But I don’t think I was prepared for the amount of work I have to do for my Masters (Uh-oh). I’m getting there though. I thought I’d make this a more motivational post as that’s something I’m in need of right now. Here’s what I try and stick by in life:

1. Do not forget your roots.

2. If you’re nice to people, doors will open!

3. Have a dream – if you don’t have a goal, you’ll be wandering through life aimlessly.

4. Never moan or complain (if you can help it).

5.Don’t take life too seriously.

6. Do everything by the book – you must pay your own way in life.

7. If you make mistakes, try and look forward – it doesn’t do you well to dwell on the past.

8. Excellent manners don’t cost a damn thing!

9. Never compromise your family life to achieve your dream – family means everything (blood & extended).

10. Go out and do your best – that’s all you can do.

I know this was short and sweet, but sometimes we just need a positive reminder to give us a boost in the right direction. Let me know in the comments of any little sayings or anecdotes you like to live by!

And I promise (to you and myself) I will get back on top of my blogging game!


What My Twenties Have Taught Me (So Far)

Ok, so I may only be 22, but I have definitely learnt a lot – mainly about general life – in my twenties. I think university has a big part to play in this because you really grow into yourself as a person throughout the experience. I wanted to do a bit more of a personal, but motivational post, and thought of this – because I’m sure there are many people who can relate.

1. Believe in Yourself, Trust Your Instinct.


I think this one does come mainly with age, but also with accepting yourself. I wish at 16 I would have had the confidence that I do now to believe that I can achieve my goals, no matter how big they are. You have to trust that you know what’s best for yourself, and although other people may have good advice, they don’t always have good intentions. You know what’s in your best interests – don’t let people make you think you’re not good enough, or even too good, for anything. Sometimes you’ve just got to be your own biggest cheerleader!

2. Work Hard.


This is key to everything. In school it was always so uncool to work hard and enjoy your work. Why? Hard work pays off, and there is nothing wrong with being ‘a nerd’ when it gets you where you want to be. Again, I wish I’d learnt this lesson earlier. I’m not saying that I haven’t always worked hard, but sometimes I used to not bother because I didn’t want to be ‘a geek’ and get picked on – which leads me to my next lesson!

3. Forget About What Other People Think.


Who cares what they think?! You can’t please everyone, and if you do, you’re probably not being true to yourself which you always should be! You are who you are, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Clearly I don’t mean this point as in forget about other people’s feelings! But just don’t let people put you down. This also goes hand in hand with no.1, believe in yourself and other people’s opinions won’t even bother you. This is the reason I finally got round to starting my blog, which I’d been thinking about doing for years. I held back because I didn’t want people to laugh at me or tell me that my blog was stupid. Now, I just think, they’re entitled to their opinion, but I love blogging so why wouldn’t I do it?

4. Love What You Do, Do What You Love.


Whatever you do in life, make sure you’re passionate about it. There is no point doing something if you don’t love it because it’ll just make you miserable. I know we all gotta do what we gotta do to live, but there is no reason you can’t get your dream job! Again, just work hard – even if this means working full time hours whilst doing night classes, because sometimes that’s what it takes. I’m studying a Master’s, working as many hours as I can get, blogging for my own site, paid, and for free, all so I have experience and qualifications in the right field!

5. Put Yourself First.


This is really important! You have to look after yourself or you’ll make yourself ill. You also have to put your happiness above that of others, because you are the most important person in your life. Don’t think this is a selfish sentiment, because it isn’t! Only you can make a life for yourself, reach your dreams, and only you can look out for your best interests.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It is a bit different, so let me know what you think in comments 🙂