Brook Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa Review

I recently visited the Brook Mollington Banastre Hotel and Spa as I had booked some treatments there for me and my best friend for her birthday.

The Health Club & Spa facilities are located towards the back of the Hotel property, but there were plenty of signs which made finding the right entrance super easy.


Upon arrival, there was a slight mix up as I had booked the 2 for 1 Spa Sensation Day and had initially been told that we would have to have our treatments separate. However, on the day we were told we would be having our treatments at the same time which we much preferred! So it turned out to be a happy mistake. This did mean we were early for our treatments, but this gave us time to enjoy the other facilities that were available.

After being directed to the changing rooms, we got spa prepared and found some loungers by the pool. To kick off our day we relaxed in the steam room for a bit which left my skin feeling so soft. Afterwards, we attempted the sauna, however, I soon realised contact lenses do not agree with saunas so I sat by the pool with my book instead.




At 11.30 we made our way back up to the reception as it was time for our treatments. We took a seat in the dining area where we were then greeted by our spa therapists. The 2 for 1 Spa Sensation Day package included a Kaeso Hot Stone, back neck and shoulder massage, a Kaeso Taster Facial including a stress melting scalp massage, and a Jessica Mini Manicure including polish. Upon arrival we had been asked to fill in a form where we indicated what sort of pressure we’d like our massages to be and any skin concerns we had, which meant our treatments were tailored to our needs.

We were both taken into individual rooms where we would receive our massages and facials. I’ve never actually had a professional massage before but I will most certainly be getting one again! It lasted approximately 30 minutes and I wish it had been longer – it was so relaxing and relieved tension I didn’t even realise I had as she worked her way up my back and neck. I have had a facial before and was really looking forward to another one. My therapist used really fruity scented products including cucumber, pomegranate and strawberry – which are just a few of my personal favourites. Once she’d completed the facial, she begun the scalp massage and as I expected, I fell asleep midway through this treatment as I was so relaxed.



Finally, we were both lead back into the same room where we were given a glass of water and received our mini manicures with a wide variety of choices of nail polish colours. I went for a shimmery, rose gold colour (’cause you can never go wrong with that) and Leus went for a coral (which she always gets!) After our manicures were completed we were taken to a relaxation room which was only lit with candles to set the mood. This room was perfect to just sit back and bathe in the ambience.

We then made our way backdown to the pool and tried out the hot tub at the therapists’ suggestion. Once again, I was more than pleased with yet another facility at this spa. Once we’d finally finished relaxing we got changed and left to get some food and to do some shopping to finish of our lovely, girly day!

I would definitely recommend this spa if you live in, or near to, the Chester area. They offer many different packages to suit different sized parties and individual needs. Head over to to find your perfect spa day!


What People Forget to Tell You About Growing Up

Growing up and becoming an ‘adult’ is something that all of us have to do – unfortunately. However, there are many things that are completely unexpected that I think we should be told about!

No one cares about your GCSEs. Not university. Not potential employers. Not even distant family members – because they only care about if you’ve got yourself a full time job yet.


Being an adult is expensive – rent, bills, car (insurance, tax). A yacht. Ok, not the yacht, that’s just wishful thinking. But seriously, why is it so expensive just to live like a normal person? All I want is to be able to move out and have my own space, but you have to have money to do that..


Which brings me to my next point – forget buying treats for yourself. You’re lucky if you have any money left at the end of the month. I have become the definition of ‘too much month left at then end of my money’. It’s quite sad.. I’m quite sad..

Everyone expects you to have a plan. And I’m on about a long term one.. I mean, you’re gonna be lucky if I have plans for the day, never mind five years. So, sorry Phillis, but no, I don’t have any plans to get married anytime soon.

Because everyone expects you to settle down, get married, and have kids. Like I said, I can’t even afford myself, soo.. I’d rather not do that, tysm.


I’m not trying to be negative at all here, but let’s be real, being an adult isn’t all you think it is when you’re 7. It does have some perks (mainly alcohol HA) but give me back the simple life any day – especially if it means not hearing the words ‘unsuccessful’ and ‘experience’ in the same sentence ever again.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though I did have a rant, it’s just a bit of fun! Please comment if you have something to add to the list because I love hearing your thoughts 🙂


For The Dreamers..|Birchbox

IMG_2733.jpgBack at it again with the Birchbox! This is gonna be my last Birchbox post for now though.. I decided it was time to take a break and cancel my subscription. Even though I LOVE Birchbox, I felt I was getting a lot of the same types of products and it just wasn’t wowing me as much as it used to.. Anyway, things ended on a good note as I did get a lovely little selection in my box this month:

1. Spectrum Collections ‘Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge’, £4.99IMG_2726.jpgI already have one of these wonder sponges from Spectrum Collections, but I was happy to see that I would be getting an extra from Birchbox. I’ve tried Real Techniques and Lottie London beauty sponges, and so far the Spectrum Collections is my favourite. It is the perfect combination of firm but bouncy, which makes it easy to apply and blend makeup.

2. theBalm Cosmetics Staniac in ‘Beauty Queen’, £10IMG_2728.jpgI am a big fan of multi-purpose products like this! Not only is it a lipgloss but it’s a cheek stain too. It leaves a really nice glossy colour for both purposes and would be so good as a travel product because it means you only need to take one product for lips and cheeks. I was previously disappointed with theBalm Cometics eyeshadow/blush I got in one of my Birchboxes, but I actually really like this product!

3. Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner, £11.50IMG_2729.jpgI always seem to get shampoo and conditioner combinations in my Birchboxes – even my friend mentioned how often I get them! Not complaining though because I’ve been a fan of each one I’ve received – this one including. Both products smell great and leave my hair nice and soft with a lovely shine. How I can tell if a shampoo is good is by the amount it lathers up – and this one passes the test!

4. Vasanti ‘Brighten Up!’ Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, £26IMG_2730.jpgUsually I really like trying face scrubs.. But since discovering the St.Ives Apricot face scrub nothing quite compares. Unfortunately, this product is no exception. It is a lovely, gentle scrub that seems to nicely cleanse the face, but it just doesn’t compare to St. Ives!

5. Rituals Tao|Wai Wang Mild Exfoliating Body Scrub, £19.50IMG_2731.jpgThis product.. Is my new favourite body product. I really liked the Rituals body foam I got in my first ever Birchbox, so I was excited to receive this – I was not disappointed. For a sample product it is a really good size! It’s not full sized but I know I’ll get a lot out of it.

6. Vita Coco Coconut Oil, £9.99IMG_2732.jpgThis was a little extra I got this month! I haven’t actually used it yet, but I think I’m going to use it as a hair mask.. I’ve seen a lot of people recommend using it for your hair, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

So, for now, this is the last Birchbox post you’ll see from me! But I have a lot of other posts planned.. I’ll try not to be gone too long again!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom


Hi! So I know I’m seriously slacking with blogging at the moment.. But I don’t think I was prepared for the amount of work I have to do for my Masters (Uh-oh). I’m getting there though. I thought I’d make this a more motivational post as that’s something I’m in need of right now. Here’s what I try and stick by in life:

1. Do not forget your roots.

2. If you’re nice to people, doors will open!

3. Have a dream – if you don’t have a goal, you’ll be wandering through life aimlessly.

4. Never moan or complain (if you can help it).

5.Don’t take life too seriously.

6. Do everything by the book – you must pay your own way in life.

7. If you make mistakes, try and look forward – it doesn’t do you well to dwell on the past.

8. Excellent manners don’t cost a damn thing!

9. Never compromise your family life to achieve your dream – family means everything (blood & extended).

10. Go out and do your best – that’s all you can do.

I know this was short and sweet, but sometimes we just need a positive reminder to give us a boost in the right direction. Let me know in the comments of any little sayings or anecdotes you like to live by!

And I promise (to you and myself) I will get back on top of my blogging game!

SS16|Makeup Collections

It’s the first day of Spring and summer is just on the horizon; which means that SS16 clothes and makeup ranges are finally being launched – yay! I love any excuse to go shopping, but this is the perfect reason. I’ve picked three of my favourite collections:

Benefit – Hoola Collection

  1. Hoola Bronzing Powder, £23.50
  2. Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer, £22.50
  3. Hoola Bronzing and Contouring Brush, £17.50
  4. Hoola Ultra Plush Nude Lip Gloss, £14.50
  5. Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer, £19.50

This collection is absolutely gorgeous for creating that bronzed goddess look that we all love in summer. I think the prices are pretty reasonable, especially considering that Benefit products are always good quality! I already have the Hoola bronzer and love it, but I would also really like to try the new Hoola brush. Also, a little extra: you can get a personalised Hoola bronzer for just £5 extra – how cute?!

Too Faced – Spring Collection

  1. Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, £17.00
  2. Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil Mascara Remover, £13.00
  3. Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, £36.00
  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Eye Shadow Collection, £27.00
  5. Cocoa Contour Deep, £30.00
  6. Sweethearts Blush, £22.00
  7. Sweethearts Bronzer, £22.00
  8. La Matte Lipstick, £17.00
  9. Royal Oil Coconut Body Bronzer, £26.00

This collection really is beautiful for Spring. It offers gorgeous pink and purple shades which I love for this time of year, and also offers bronzing shades for those who are never without their contour. I’ve never tried any Too Faced products before so I’m not too sure about paying these prices – just in case I’m not a fan! If I do try anything, it will 100% be the Sweet Peach eye palette because the colours are all my kinda style!

Urban Decay – Summer 2016


  1. Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, £25.00
  2. Afterglow 8-Hour Power Highlighter (Aura, Fireball & Sin), £19.00
  3. Beached Bronzer (Bronzed & Sunkissed), £20.00
  4. 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil (Walk of Shame), £15.50
  5. 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Heartless), £15.50

I love Urban Decay, so I was super excited to see this collection, and it has not disappointed! Although they already have pretty similar products; it looks like they’ve tried to extend and improve on their best sellers! These products are so on trend right now, you can tell that Urban Decay know their stuff. The highlighters are a lovely new edition (we all know how much I love highlighters), and I’d quite like to try “Sin” in particular.

I hope this inspires some makeup purchases for the transition into the Spring/Summer trends! Let me know if you’ve already purchased any of these products, or if you’re planning to 🙂

Birchbox|Home Edition

IMG_1220Since subscribing to Birchbox I have become a big fan of their online shop. By reviewing products you receive in your monthly box, or products that you purchase from the Birchbox shop, you can earn points that you can then use towards more purchases. I decided to buy this Home Edition box as I thought it was super cute and I had a 20% discount code for my first purchase from their shop.IMG_1217Pictured above are just a few of the items I received in this box: a La Cocotte Paris Chick Chick Oven Glove in Ochre; two Jamini Table Placemats in Blue Wave; Rose Et Marius Hand Soap in Mademoiselle Rose Fleurie; Marlene English Scone Mix; a Coming B Birdie Recipe Holder; and Kitchen Trotter Lemon Curd and Recipe for Soft Lemon Cakes with a Lemon Curd Centre.

I really love baking so I was excited to try both the recipe and the mix I received. I have since made both and will definitely be using the Kitchen Trotter recipe again. The scone mix, on the other hand, turned out nice, but I still much prefer my nana’s homemade scones! The Birdie Recipe Holder is perfect for baking as it keeps the recipe out of the way of any spillage. IMG_1218The rest of the items I received were: a Birchbox Home Tea Time Mug; a mini Labo x Birchbox Home Tea Time Tray; a Mini Labo x Birchbox Home Tea Time Ball Infuser; Kusumi Tea ‘Tsarevna’; and four Garden Trading Measuring Spoons.

I’d never tried infused tea before – which is odd because I love tea! – and it turns out that I really enjoyed this particular one! The flavours were lovely and I’d definitely purchase it again. Because I love tea, I also really liked this cute tea mug. Most mugs these days say ‘but first, coffee’, so it was nice to get a tea version! The tray is perfect for my bedside table to keep my mug on so that I keep my bedside table clean (which my nana is happy about).

Overall, I really liked this box. It was meant to be £25, but with my discount I only paid £20. I personally think that for what you get in the box, it is a really reasonable price. It would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake or drink tea like me. Birchbox also offer a ‘Monsieur Edition’ for men, which would make a perfect gift for any men in your life! Head over to to check out their amazing products for yourself!

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Birchbox. They are brand that I truly love and would recommend to anyone. Their subscription, shop and customer services have all been amazing in my experience, which is why I continue to write about them!

The Bloggers Hangout|London Fashion Week Event

The Bloggers Hangout event was an amazing opportunity for taking a break from London Fashion Week. The event was held at Provision Studios in Hoxton, and what a great venue it was! All the brands had their own stands where us bloggers could go and chat to them. It was a lot bigger than the last event I went to but an amazing opportunity to get networking with brands and other bloggers!

The brands varied from beauty, to healthy food and drink. What I loved about the brands is that they all showed an interest in taking care of yourself or creating the best quality products from scratch.

The Brands that were at the event:

  1. Beauty: Ark Skincare, Heaven Skincare, JD Beauty, Miracle Tree Tea, Naturigin, Pacific World Cosmetics, Perphone, Shea Decadence London, Skin Doctors, Supernatural Beauty, Urban Veda.

  2. Food & Drink: Berry White, Bluebird Tea Co., CocoNuts, COYO, Cranes Drink, Gathr, Hello Fresh, Lacka Foods, Natural Fitness, Pics Peanut Butter,  Popcycle, Popkakery, Pudology, Raw Gorilla, Ross & Ross Food,  Thanks for Franks, The Coconut Collaborative, Ufit.

If you’re interested in organic beauty, food and drinks then make sure you check out these brands!

I’ve experimented a little bit with this blog post and tried to focus on images rather than text, let me know if this is something you like for change sometimes!