Wednesday Words of Wisdom


Hi! So I know I’m seriously slacking with blogging at the moment.. But I don’t think I was prepared for the amount of work I have to do for my Masters (Uh-oh). I’m getting there though. I thought I’d make this a more motivational post as that’s something I’m in need of right now. Here’s what I try and stick by in life:

1. Do not forget your roots.

2. If you’re nice to people, doors will open!

3. Have a dream – if you don’t have a goal, you’ll be wandering through life aimlessly.

4. Never moan or complain (if you can help it).

5.Don’t take life too seriously.

6. Do everything by the book – you must pay your own way in life.

7. If you make mistakes, try and look forward – it doesn’t do you well to dwell on the past.

8. Excellent manners don’t cost a damn thing!

9. Never compromise your family life to achieve your dream – family means everything (blood & extended).

10. Go out and do your best – that’s all you can do.

I know this was short and sweet, but sometimes we just need a positive reminder to give us a boost in the right direction. Let me know in the comments of any little sayings or anecdotes you like to live by!

And I promise (to you and myself) I will get back on top of my blogging game!


What I Got for Christmas


My two main presents for Christmas are what have allowed me to start my own website. Firstly, I received the MacBook Air 11″ from my grandparents so I would be able to blog on the go, and have a lightweight laptop to travel with. I previously used a Sony Vaio which was also amazing, but it isn’t really suitable for travel as it is quite weighty, and a lot bigger than my MacBook Air!

My second present, which is the crucial part in allowing me to have my own space to write, is my own domain name. My elder sister sought help in finding the best place to get my domain name from, and decided to use because robynle (in various forms) is my main social media platform username. My website uses Word Press as the platform for me to create content and pages and to choose my theme. I used Word Press when I was doing my degree so I’m quite comfortable using it, which makes starting my website a lot easier and a bit less daunting.

I’m happy that I’ve finally got around to starting my own website as it’s something I’ve thought about for years. The only thing that held me back is what other people would think and say about me doing it. I guess a lot of people feel this way, but I would encourage anyone to just go for it and stop caring what other people think!

Happy New Year!