The Huntsman: Winter’s War|Review

So I’ve been away for a little bit due to having a mountain of uni work! But I thought I’d comeback with something fun; a film review.


I recently went to watch this film as I really enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman. This film also had the same producer as Maleficent, which I LOVE.

Even though I already had pretty high expectations for this film, it still managed to surprise me! I was really impressed with the narrative as it wasn’t too predictive yet it wasn’t hard to follow at all. I kind of expected it to be a straightforward Disney film – but I was wrong! It was actually really funny, and I didn’t expect the comedy side that it had. There were so many witty one liners and innuendos – so much enjoyment for older viewers!

I was also pretty impressed by the cast members. Of course we knew Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron would be a part of this with it being the prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. And if they weren’t already fabulous enough (and so easy on the eye), Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain were cast as the other leading roles. Emily Blunt is in my top 5 favourite actresses because not only is she an amazing actress, but she is such a funny person and seems so genuine. I love her. I was excited to see Jessica Chastain in this film because of her role in Lawless. She was really good in that, and even better in Winter’s War. Better, because she played a kick-ass, strong, independent woman who didn’t need no man! Then came the dwarves; Nick Frost, Rob Brydon and Sheridan Smith – need I say more about the comedy aspect? So hilarious, me and my best friend, Leus, were in stitches.


I also have to mention the wardrobe! Charlize and Emily were obviously dressed in elegant, regal gowns throughout the film as they were the Queens. Charlize rocked her character, Ravenna’s, gold gowns once more and looked flawless. Emily’s character, Freya, was the ice queen who was always dressed in blue and silver gowns and had white hair. She looked beyond beautiful, a real life Elsa. Although the Huntsmen’s outfits were more suitable for battle, they were still made to perfection. I genuinely believe Chris would look gorgeous in anything, so I may be slightly biased.. Jessica looked like the warrior her character, Sara, turned out to be. I kind of wish I’d been in this film.. Even as production cast.. Because everything was done so well – in my opinion anyway.

This film was probably an 8.5/10 for me, because I laughed so much. I will be buying this as soon as it comes out on DVD! Obviously I loved it, and I would recommend anyone to go and see it!

If you have any suggestions on any film or book reviews you’d like to see, please let me know 🙂


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a heavily anticipated film. Franchises such as these always are; and in turn, the production companies (Warner Bros. in this case) always heavily anticipate the reviews and the gross income from the opening day, weekend, and week. I’m pretty sure Warner Bros. were more than pleased with the opening day which took $82million – yes you read that right. So is the film really that good?

batman v superman.jpg

Let’s start with the main characters, because that’s important to me: I’ve got to be honest, I was not happy about Ben Affleck replacing Christian Bale to begin with! I’m still not 100% convinced – probably just because I’m so used to Bale being Batman – but Affleck surprised me. Firstly, he clearly worked out, A LOT, for this role (I’m only human); and secondly, he perfected his brooding down to a T. Some critics have said there was too much brooding, but I personally feel like that is who Batman is! So maybe I could get used to Affleck as Batman. Henry Cavill returned to his role as Superman, which I have no complaints about. Man of Steel proved that Cavill could fill Superman’s boots, so he had nothing more to prove to me. Now, my favourite part about this film? Wonder Woman’s big-screen debut! Hallelujah, she’s finally arrived. And Warner Bros. could not have picked a better person for the role than Gal Gadot. She perfectly embodies the gorgeous, Amazonian woman that Wonder Woman is described as. I liked her a lot! She was sassy and not at all a damsel in distress. Thank you Warner Bros. for depicting a strong female role! I mean, I know it’s Wonder Woman and obviously she’s strong.. But I mean even other than her identity as Wonder Woman. I also have to acknowledge Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor! He played the perfect psycho, even down to the little things like mannerisms and twitches. For me, he was a a great villain. I’m not gonna go as far as to say the best, because.. Heath Ledger as the Joker? Unbeatable in my eyes.


So, the film itself? I would never give a film with Batman AND Superman in lower than a 5/10, just based on the characters’ reputations. So, obviously, I had high expectations for this film. There are only a few issues I had.. It was 2 and a half hours long to begin with! And a lot of it just seemed to be a waste; for instance, why did we need to see the Wayne’s deaths, AGAIN? We already know Batman’s story.. I felt there could have been more Batman versus Superman scenarios, considering that’s the name of the film. However, there was definitely plenty of action and no one can say this wasn’t an action packed film. On the flip side, some of the action was a little bit too CGI/special effects for my liking. I like good, old-fashioned fist fights! I cannot deny that the special effects were done perfectly though, I’ve got to give the production team credit for that. Other than these little nit-pickings, I really did enjoy the film. So overall, I’d probably rate Batman V Superman a 7/10.

Have any of you been to see it? What did you think? Let me know if you’d like to see more film/tv series reviews on my blog 🙂